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Workshops & Masterclasses


Awareness session

An awareness session involves an interactive, fun, and challenging one- to two-hour session for 10 to 50 participants. During this session the basic principles of evidence-based practice/ decision-making (what it is, why we need it, common misconceptions, etc.) are discussed. In addition, several ways in which leaders/ managers/ consultants can become more evidence-based will be presented together with some practical examples of how critically appraised evidence from multiple sources can be used to improve decision-making processes within an organisation. For further information, please contact us.



A masterclass involves an interactive three-hour session for 10 to 50 participants the focusses on a specific topic or issue that is relevant to the organisation (e.g. talent management, organisational culture, performance management, virtual working, high performance teams, unethical workplace behaviour, autonomous teams, etc.). During the masterclass the basic principles of evidence-based practice/ decision-making are discussed and applied to the topic of interest. In addition, relevant evidence-based insights from the scientific literature will be provided and discussed with the participants. For further information, please contact us.



Education & Training


Individual: Online Course In Evidence-Based Management (Certified) 

Although evidence-based management sounds straightforward, gathering, understanding and applying evidence requires a particular set of skills and practical knowledge. For this reason CEBMa has, in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, developed online learning modules that will develop your EBM skills and enhance your understanding of how an evidence-based approach can support your organization’s decision-making and management practice. After successfully completing the modules you will receive an official CEBMa & Carnegie Mellon University certificate of completion. Read more about the content of our online course modules and how to get access here >>


In-Company: Basic Course (Certified)  

Over the past decade the responsibilities of managers, leaders, consultants, and policy makers have changed significantly: now they are often invited to take a seat at the executive table and participate in solving complex organizational problems. At the same time, most traditional models and new ‘cutting edge’ solutions often fail to deliver on what they promise. This leaves them with a profound challenge: how can we stay away from trends and quick fixes, and instead use valid and reliable evidence to support the organization?

This basic course uses a blended learning approach that integrates five (90 minute) self-paced learning modules that can be completed online with a (three-hour) workshop. The specific skills this course aims to develop are: (1) critical thinking and reasoning; (2) identifying and gathering of the best available evidence; (3) critical appraisal of evidence; and, (4) applying evidence of different forms to decision-making. On completion of this course, participants should be able to assess the extent to which claims (made by managers, leaders or consulting firms) are supported by evidence. After successfully completing the course participants will receive an official CEBMa & Carnegie Mellon University certificate of completion. For further information, please contact us.


In-Company: Advanced Course (Certified)

The advanced course entails the same five learning modules as the basic course, but is extended with five modules and three (three-hour) coaching sessions that provide evidence-based insights relevant to a specific management function (e.g. HR or Change Management), topic (e.g. talent management, leadership, performance management, autonomous teams, etc.), or issue (low performance, high turnover, recruitment, culture change, etc). As such, the course takes a problem-based approach: starting point are the practical issues (problems/opportunities) encountered by the participants rather than the body of knowledge produced by academics. After successfully completing the course participants will receive an official CEBMa & Carnegie Mellon University certificate of completion. For further information, please contact us.





Consultation & Coaching

CEBMa is not a typical consulting firm –  we don’t tell you what to do, but rather help you and your organisation make better decisions by taking an evidence-based approach. Organisational issues, however, are often messy – it is not always clear what the problem is being solved, and organisational politics sometimes make it hard to take an evidence-based approach. We therefore support and coach individual managers and executive teams not only by helping them to retrieve and critically appraise the evidence, but also to determine whether the evidence applies to the organisational context and goals, whether the anticipated benefits outweigh the risks, and how and in what form the evidence can be used in daily practice. For further information, please contact us.


Rapid Evidence Assessments


Rapid Evidence Assessments (REAs)

CEBMa supports companies, consulting firms, and professional associations by conducting a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA), a specific method that aims to identify the best available scientific evidence on a specific topic as comprehensively as possible and within a limited time frame. An example of an REA on the attributes of effective virtual teams we conducted for the CIPD can be found hereFor further information, please contact us.




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