Workshops & Masterclasses

Awareness session

An awareness session involves an interactive, fun, and challenging one- to two-hour session for 10 to 50 participants. During this session the basic principles of evidence-based practice/ decision-making (what it is, why we need it, common misconceptions, etc.) are discussed. In addition, several ways in which leaders/ managers/ consultants can become more evidence-based will be presented together with some practical examples of how critically appraised evidence from multiple sources can be used to improve decision-making processes within an organisation. 



A masterclass involves an interactive three-hour session for 10 to 50 participants the focusses on a specific topic or issue that is relevant to the organisation (e.g. talent management, organisational culture, performance management, virtual working, high performance teams, unethical workplace behaviour, autonomous teams, etc.). During the masterclass the basic principles of evidence-based practice/ decision-making are discussed and applied to the topic of interest. In addition, relevant evidence-based insights from the scientific literature will be provided and discussed with the participants. For further information, please contact us.