Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

Evidence matters

We will base our practice on the best available critically appraised evidence from multiple sources. Reflective use of high-quality evidence drives better outcomes for organizations, their members and clients, and the general public. Where high-quality evidence is not available, we will work with the limited evidence at hand and supplement it through “learning by doing”, by systematically assessing the outcomes, implications, and consequences of our practice.


Ethics and Stakeholder Consideration

We recognize the moral obligation to understand the implications that our practice can have for multiple stakeholders, including any who would benefit or be harmed by it in the near or long-term. We seek to overcome the biases associated with a narrow view of stakeholders that contemporary organizations sometimes propagate, and incorporate the values and concerns of all stakeholders in our practice and decision processes.


Lifelong Learning

As practitioners in business, academia, government or community organizations, we will remain committed to lifelong learning. We encourage and champion open discussion, feedback, constructive criticism, reflection, and ongoing assessments related to our practice. We appreciate that this may lead us to change our judgment and conclusions. 


Independent Critical Thinking

We are open to views from everyone and will weigh them against the best available evidence from multiple sources. We will never be afraid to speak up when the available body of evidence contradicts established practice or political interests. Independent critical thinking is the lifeblood of evidence-based practice.


Our People

Our People & Our Members

CEBMa is a not-for-profit member organization. Our members are part of an international community of professionals, educators and scholars that share CEBMa’s mission – helping people in organizations make better decisions.

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Clients and Partners header III

Our Clients & Strategic Partners

Our clients range from educational institutions and non-profit organizations to the world’s largest and most well known companies.

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Mission Vision Strategy II

Our Mission, Vision & Strategy

Our mission is helping people in organizations make better decisions.

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