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Welcome to our Autumn 2018 newsletter! 

We hope you all had a great Summer. Here at CEBMa we have been busy with the publication of our book (yes it's out!) and the development of our Certified Master Course. Also in this newsletter: our annual conference in Chicago, two new online learning modules, a new publication, and two evidence summaries. 

Happy reading!

Eric Barends, Managing Director

Denise Rousseau, Chair, Academic Board

Our Book Is Now Available Through All Major Book Sellers!

We're happy to announce our book is available for sale through all major booksellers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kogan Page.

The book can be used as a ‘textbook’ for universities and business schools, as well as a ‘management book’ for individual managers, leaders, and consultants. But first and foremost, it is a ‘How To’ book. It is meant to be used not just read.

Write A Review Of Our Book And Get A Copy For Free!

So far we have received a lot of praise for our book. Which is great, because it helps selling the book and - more important - supports our mission: helping people in organizations make better decisions.

You can support our mission by writing a review of our book on Amazon, your blog, a magazine, or elsewhere. If you do this we will reimburse your costs and/or send you a free copy.

CEBMa's Annual Conference 2018 A Big Success!

CEBMa's Annual Conference in Chicago - How To Teach & Practice Evidence Based Management - on August 9 was attended by more than 100 people from all over the world. Presentations and workshops were given by CEBMa's fellows from ANU, ScienceForWork, Rob Briner, The Open Learning Initiative, Cheryl Nickel, Martin Walker, and many more.

Missed our annual conference? You can see all presentations here >>

We Need Volunteers To Try Out Our New Online Learning Modules: Aggregate & Apply

To make an evidence-based decision, you need to know how to weigh and pull together evidence from multiple sources. After all, not all evidence is created equal, thus some may count more than others. In our new online learning module, you wil learn how you can conduct the fourth step of evidence-based management: aggregate.

After you have aggregated the evidence, you must ask yourself: does the evidence apply? Is the evidence generalisable and applicable you your organizational context? In our second new module, you will learn about gerelaizability, expected value, level of risk, ethical issues, and the different forms in which you can apply the evidence.

Before we officially release the modules, we need volunteers to try them out and critically evaluate their content.

If you’re interested in trying out the module and willing to provide feedback, 

please contact us >>

CEBMa Launches Online Certified Master Course In Evidence Based Management

In the past two years we have developed several online learning modules. In fact, there are now 12 modules available (withe 2 more modules to come) that together form an intensive course that teaches people the six steps of evidence - based management.

The course will be available early 2019 and offered through a limited number of top universities and business schools, including Carnegie Mellon University and the Australian National University, as a certified master course.


Evidence-Based Practice Now In CIPD's Professional Standards Framework

We already knew that CIPD (the professional body for HR practitioners in the UK) is a supporter of evidence-based management, but recently they took a giant step by adding evidence-based practice to their professional standards framework. The professional standards are the basis for all CIPD's qualifications and membership standards, so this will affect a large number of management practitioners in the UK. But there is more good news: Recently SHRM (the professional body for HR practitioners in the US) has approached CEBMa to develop evidence-based guidelines for their members. We feel this is a major development and a clear sign that evidence-based management is slowly becoming a defining feature of what it means to be a professional in business and non-profit organizations!


New Publication

Successful Organizational Change: Integrating the Management Practice and Scholarly Literatures

Jeroen Stouten, Denise M. Rousseau, David De Cremer 

 You can download the paper here >> 

 Want To Join One Of Our Workshops?

At CEBMa we are often asked when and where our next workshop is. The problem is, we give so many presentations and workshops (especially our scientific director Rob Briner is very active) that there we stopped updating the calendar on our website. However, if you want to join a workshop in the UK, there's one coming up in Nottingham during CIPD's Applied Research Conference on 5 December. The title is "Research impact and evidence-based decision making"

You can find more information about the workshop here >>

From Our Friends from ScienceForWork:


Why You Should Consider Fairness When Designing Your Change Management Process 

Our friends from ScienceForWork have published a new evidence summary based on several meta-analyses. Key points are:

• There may be no single recipe for getting fairness “right” during an organizational change. However, research on fairness offers some compelling ideas to consider.

• You can integrate fairness into your change approach in various ways — the results or outcomes, the process you use to make decisions, how people are treated, and the information or explanations you provide.

• When integrating fairness into your change strategy, it may be useful to consider the interplay between various types of fairness.

You can read the full summary here >>

CAT: Teacher evaluations - do they really improve student performance? 

As a student, you probably completed a countless number of teacher evaluations. However, many people wonder if student input has any impact on the quality of instruction they receive. 

In an effort to better understand whether or not teacher evaluations indeed improve student performance , NYU student Brian O’Neil has taken a look at the scientific evidence.

You can download Brian's CAT here >> 


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